Bach1 Inhibitors



High Point Pharmaceuticals (HPP) has created a drug discovery approach that is considered to successfully serve a wide variety of therapeutic areas (commonly known as Diseases of the Aging). This approach is centered on a transcriptional response controlled by the Keap1-Bach1-Nrf2 pathway (HPP Technology Platform). HPP’s approach is designed to specifically upregulate cytoprotective responses in a range of organs, increasing resistance to oxidative stress, leading to anti-inflammatory activity and ultimately leading to tissue and organ protection

The HPP Technology Platform has led to the discovery of oral, potent, novel and specific (not electrophiles or otherwise reactive) small molecules that activate the expression of a desired set of genes. HPP971, the development candidate, has shown a reduction in weight, loss of visceral fat, normalization of blood glucose levels, sensitization of the insulin receptor and a reduction in inflammation as measured by increased serum adiponectin and decreased MCP-1 in ob/ob mice. In a model of renal failure, HPP971significantly reduced renal atrophy, hypertension and improved vascular protection.

We believe that HPP approach is unique and offers advantages compared to other methods such as targeting Nrf2 and sirtulins. The desired therapeutic outcome of our approach is to improve organ function by eliminating the drivers of chronic and acute diseases and thereby leading to “Healthy Aging”.


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